Welcome to the Health SmartCard Website

Methealth Namibia Administrators (Pty) Ltd, MNA, is an independent Namibian company, providing Administration and Managed Health Care services to Medical Aid Funds in Namibia.

MNA strives to be the medical aid fund administrator of choice and to provide affordable, innovative healthcare solutions.

The company currently provides administration services to > 300,000 lives in Namibia.

Namibia Medical Care Fund (Open Fund) and Bankmed Namibia Fund (Closed Fund) are among the privileged Funds that are enjoying the technological breakthrough in the medical aid industry, the Health SmartCard, first of its kind in Africa.

The Health SmartCard is a state-of-the-art biometric fingerprint system that has been designed to serve all participating entities:
➧ The Medical Aid Funds
➧ The Members of the Medical Aid Funds and
➧ Health Professionals

The Health SmartCard similar to a credit card, is embedded with a computer chip that securely stores and processes transactions between the Health Professionals (Service Provider) and Methealth Namibia Administrators.

All ten fingerprints of the members are stored onto the Health SmartCard.

The Health SmartCard streamlines access to member information and provides benefits to all of its stakeholders. These include:
Medical Aid Fund Members (click here for more info)
Health Professionals (Service Providers) (click here for more info)
Medical Aid Funds (click here for more info)